Official Site of the oceanfront Historic Ketchum Cottages

On a bluff overlooking the beach, near Amherst, Nova Scotia, the two Ketchum Cottages offer a commanding view of the sea. Beach access is easy and convenient. It’s a couple of moments along a wooded trail through a Nova Scotia beach park dedicated by the province to Henry Ketchum’s endeavour to build a “Ship’s Railway” in the early 1880s. If completed this Railway would have carried tall ships across Nova Scotia to & from the Northumberland Strait to the Bay of Fundy.


These cottages are Managed by the Amherst Shore Country Inn


The beach is perfect for exploring at low tide. The water is deep enough for swimming for a few of hours on either side of high tide. At low tide, there are miles of beaches to explore. In front of the cottages, there is a 30′ bluff. It gives the commanding view of the sea from the cottages. The Ketchum cottages are well located. They are 30 minutes from Amherst, 50 minutes to Confederation Bridge. 30 minutes to a Lobster Pound and just 4 minutes to the Amherst Shore Country Inn. The Inn has been renown in Nova Scotia for the quality of its dining for over a quarter of a Century. It serves a 4 course gourmet dinner each evening. Reservations are required.


Ketchum cottages are managed & rented by the Amherst Shore Country Inn. While they are generally rented by the week, 3-day packages including one four course gourmet dinner for two at the Amherst Shore Country Inn are offered for your convenience. Please note that reservations are required for these dinners at the inn. There is an availability calendar and a secure reservation request form for your convenience on web site. Or, just call Mary at 1 800 661-2724 for more information or for a reservation.